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Craig Simmonds is Australia’s authority on differentiation and business growth for trade-based businesses. He is highly regarded as an innovative leader in the trade industry. Having built his own thriving trade business from start up in 1983, to now being seen as the ultimate authority and expert in its field.

Starting out at only 20 years old Craig went through the same trials and hard earned, expensive, in the trenches experience that most tradies go through. Craig soon realized that operating the same way as all his competitors meant he was destined to only achieving the same level of success as they had. There must be a better way? He soon found a need to operate in a way that was at odds with how everyone else was operating. As a better way of trading emerged with his company, Craig soon found success that far surpassed all his competitors, and raised the bar to a level where his company is now seen as an industry leader and has stood apart from the pack for over twenty years. Craig now sets the standard that others aspire to.

He knows the real reasons why clients want your products and services and understands the tremendous value that comes from systemising the details of everyday business. He can show you how to run your business on a daily basis that sets you apart from your competitors. No longer will you have to compete on price alone. Let Craig show you how to position yourself as the authority in your industry. How to be seen as the expert.

This is your opportunity to benefit from Craig’s expertise and knowledge. As he details in his book If We Can Just Get Through This Week, Craig reveals 10 business growth strategies that every tradie needs to know to differentiate their business and defend their pricing from competitors.

If you can change the way you actually operate the business, rather than focusing on how you undertake your trade, you’ll finally be able to prosper financially, even in a difficult economy.

A message from Craig

If you could wave a magic wand over your business today what would you wish for? Would it be more profit, more spare time, or more customers? Perhaps less pressure or less hassles? What about better quality clients and clients who pay on time?

If you could go back in time and teach a younger you a strategic business lesson what would you want the younger you to discover?

What do you need to do today that you will thank yourself for in ten years’ time?

I can’t give you a magic wand, nor can I take you back in time. What I can do though is help you instigate tactics and strategies that can set you apart from your competitors. That can bring you into the arena where the top performers in your industry operate and that your older self may well thank you for in ten years’ time.

You see the top 5% of trade businesses in Australia are quietly going about operating their businesses in a whole different way to the rest. Whilst 95% of tradesman operate the same way they always have or the same way their fathers did, a small group are taking action to differentiate themselves. They don’t allow their products or services to be compared to all others and they certainly don’t allow their business practices to be compared.

The top performers in your industry have cracked the code to running a trade business in today’s new business economy.

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