About Craig Simmonds

For over 30 years, Craig Simmonds has been in the trade industry. Starting from a shed at home he spent the early years progressively developing a business model that was the polar opposite to all his competitors. Early on Craig developed systems and procedures that many considered a waste of time. Business systems and procedures that saw his business quickly establish itself as a leader in its industry. Craig realised early on that success was to be found more readily by how he operated his business rather than how he undertook his trade work.

For the last 10 years Craig has been consulting to and observing over 100 different trades while still running the same highly successful trade company of his own. He knows the real reasons why clients want your services and understands the tremendous value that comes from systemising the details of everyday business. He can show you how to run your business on a daily basis in a way that sets you apart from your competitors and can propel you to being seen as the expert and authority in your field.

Craig knows about trying new ideas and seeing them fail, costing you in both lost time and lost clients. He understands the frustration that comes from not being sure if your next new idea is a business breakthrough or a business failure. He has been there and tried them all. It is this vast data base of hard earned experience that he now brings to his clients.

Craig has spent 34 years observing how other successful businesses operate, including those outside his field. He has often modified those observations to suit his own business, ignoring the criticism that comes from being different. As Craig is often quoted as saying ‘It’s easy to listen to criticism when you’re the one making all the money”. Despite criticism from competition, Craig started operating his trade business in a new way that was at odds with how everyone else was operating. A new company and a better way of trading emerged, that led to greater success and less business hassles. Craig often sets the standard that others aspire to.