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If We Can Just Get Through This Week!

For Tradesmen Who Are Looking To Break Away From The Daily Grind And Find Their Ultimate Path To Success


Chart The Ultimate Path To Success By Understanding The Difference Between You And Your Competitors!

If you’re a trade-based business, every day you work hard to put yourself in the winning seat with prospective customers. You may remember “the good old days” when you just met with the prospective client, gave them a fair price for a good quality product or service, and the job was yours.

Now it seems every conversion is a hassle. Prospects have a never-ending list of questions based on half-truths they have learned from the internet or some friend who thinks they know everything about your trade. Every prospect wants a cheaper price, and there is always some tradesman who so desperately needs the work and puts in a price so low that everyone knows he will lose on the job. How do you combat this and ensure every prospect sees you as the best and only option for them?

In this breakthrough book, you’ll discover:

  • How getting caught up in the subconscious mind trap of pricing hampers the
    differentiation of your business from the beginning
  • How harnessing client emotions early on in the selling process makes you stand out
    as a better option than your competitors
  • Why changing the way you actually operate the business has more to do with your success than the way you undertake your trade
  • How integrating follow-up sequences to your marketing plan and adding actual and perceived value to your work ensures your company is the only choice



For over 30 years, Craig Simmonds has been operating his own highly successful trade business. As a consultant, he has spent many years working with and observing over 100 different trades while still running a highly successful trade company of his own. He knows the real reasons why clients want your services and understands the tremendous value that comes from systemising the details of everyday business. He can show you how to run your business on a daily basis in a way that sets you apart from your competitors.

Craig knows about trying ideas and seeing some succeed, some fail, and some fail miserably, costing him both in lost time and lost clients. He observed how other successful businesses operated, including those outside his field, and modified some of those ideas to suit his business at a time when being different was frowned upon. Despite criticism from competition, Craig started doing business in a new way that was at odds with how everyone else was operating. A new company and a better way of trading emerged, and now Craig sets the standard that others aspire to.

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I was at a crossroad with my business and didn’t know where to turn. Our largest client ceased working in Victoria and it was a real sink or swim scenario. I came to Craig in a desperate state and my thinking was all over the place. Craig calmly and methodically sifted through my craziness, and got me back on track. Craig looked at my business from the outside in, and with his 30+ years of business experience he guided my business back to profit through his tried and true systems and procedures. Thanks Craig for your help Saving my Business

Peter O’Brien| Director


Before I started the coaching with Craig at Trade Success Advisors, I was looking for someone that would help me move forward with my Business. I knew what I wanted to achieve but was unsure of how to get there successfully. Craig really made me think about what I wanted to do and structured my goals in a way that I’d never thought of before. This helped me be realistic about the work I can take on and focus on the things within the business that were already there for the taking, ultimately finding me the clarity I needed to succeed. Highly recommend you give it a go, helped me find my strengths.

John Thorn

Allied Power Tools

Based on his experience, Craig knows that the key to success in any trade business is differentiating your business and defending your pricing from the competition. You may have heard some of these strategies before, and they may seem simple at first, and yet many businesses struggle and fail because they don’t implement.

Craig has experienced first-hand how implementing certain business growth strategies will make or break your business, and now he outlines those strategies with you in If We Can Just Get Through This Week:


  • How looking at your company from the client’s perspective generates positive first impressions that lead to increased sales
  • How positioning your business as the authority and expert before the client even contacts you is critical for short- and long-term profit
  • How embracing the concept of differentiation is the key to prospering financially, even in a difficult economy
  • How allowing your customers to view your business as a commodity puts you in a powerless position. Trying to justify your pricing is a losing strategy